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Mission Statement

 To foster love and respect for each child. To acknowledge each child and treat each child as an individual. To promote diversity and culture and self-esteem. To measure academic achievements at each age level. To implement interaction between our school, parents and the community. To promote physical fitness, mental stimulation and nutritional health. To demonstrate ethical and professional practices above and beyond the guidelines of local, state and national requirements. To ensure a safe, healthy and positive environment for children to develop.

At Doorway To Learning Enrichment Center, Inc., our purpose is to inspire a love for learning and building imagination, while encouraging curiosity and self-esteem in a creative environment. Our programs provide consistent routines in individual and group settings which are age appropriate and provide necessary tools for each child to learn and grow intellectually and socially. We develop the whole child by teaching diversity, communication, cooperation skills and by encouraging physical and psychological activities. Our goal is to prepare each child for their future. 

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Doorway To Learning Enrichment Center, Inc. believes that offering a comprehensive curriculum is necessary to prepare each child for their future. Developing lifelong learning skills and encouraging involvement, communication and creativity in individual and group settings are vital for future skills. We have developed problem-solving strategies, social and communication techniques, coaching and modeling demonstrations that promote positive behavior, which can last a lifetime. Our environment is designed to be loving and inspiring, yet structured and respectful. You will be pleased to find meticulously maintained, vibrant, colorful learning rooms with age appropriate learning tools. Our programs are designed to foster: Literacy Readiness, Science Exploration, Math Concepts, Creativity and Imagination Stimulation, Music and Dance, Social and Behavior Development, Communication and Motor Skills, Diversity and Language Education and Physical and Nutritional Growth. We strongly believe this type of environment allows stimulation, growth and learning development for all ages. Doorway To Learning fosters the partnership between school and home and believes that parent involvement is vital to the learning process. 

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