(36 months – 48 months) Preschoolers are usually most responsive to activities in which they are involved. The teacher and assistant prepare a preschool curriculum which includes activities centered on science, math, movement and music and creative art in small and large groups. Their teacher also encourages emotional, social and self-discovery. Our program prepares 3-year-old children for continuous success as they get ready to enter Pre-K (pre-kindergarten) school readiness programs. 

Our programs don’t stop there! We have fun and enriching field trips on school holidays as well as spring and summer breaks.

Doorway To Learning Enrichment Center, Inc. has a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on literacy and creative expression. We are proud to offer the following programs in our community for 25+ years !


(5 years – 12 years) Our after school enrichment program prepares our children to continue to succeed. Our teacher and assistant provide help with homework Monday through Thursday 30-45 minutes. This help session is provided after snack and is followed with a planned activity. Our activities include, but are not limited to, arts and crafts, cooking and outdoor sports. We also provide before and after school transportation to area schools.  


(18 months – 24 months) Toddlers are growing and learning new skills daily. In providing a program for toddlers, the teacher understands that children learn more by exploring. In planning, the teacher prepares to be flexible and spontaneous. Our program involves appropriate activities in a variety of areas from fine and gross motor skills, music and art following the benchmarks from their previous environment. 


(24 months – 36 months) Twos need more stimulation as they work on becoming independent. Their teacher and assistant respect this, and allow opportunities for the child to become more independent and to make choices. Discovering is a big step for this group, who is becoming more aware of their bodies. This developmental stage makes potty training an easy and successful transition. 

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(48 month – 60 months) Our Pre-K program is continually enriching our children with the learning tools necessary to prepare them for kindergarten. With emphasis on literacy (reading and writing) skills, we follow the guidelines set forth by the Florida Readiness Performance Standard, “No Child Left behind” campaign. Our program is enriched with the building blocks of success for each child’s need. Our teacher holds a four-year degree and has an assistant at all times to give each child a period of one-on-one interaction. This allows the child to grow at his or her own comfort and pace. At the end of our program each child is well prepared for kindergarten success. 

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Open Monday -Friday 6:00am - 6:30pm


(12 months -18 months) A nurturing learning environment for our younger toddlers sets its pace around the needs and unique differences of each child. The teacher centers the day around each child while meeting their developmental benchmarks in areas of cognitive, social/emotional, language & physical.