Doorway To Learning Enrichment Center, Inc. participates in the USDA food program and follows the requirements. We provide Infants formula, whole milk for children ages one and under as well as 1% low fat milk for children ages 2-12. We serve 100% juice, beef, poultry and fish as well. We focus on nutrition, so part of our program requires our teachers to sit family style and discuss the health benefits of the foods we serve. Children with allergies are required to have documentation from their physician and the document is posted in both the classroom and kitchen for staff recognition only. We use a five (5) week menu and provide all four-food groups, which provide a balanced meal schedule. Our center follows the Florida Department of Health guidelines on nutrition. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are included in our program. We are vigilant when it comes to: Healthy breakfast, lunch & snacks for each child Science/Art projects that involve food products Fun-filled summer camp Celebrating holidays of all cultures Cleanliness.